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Shoelada White Touch-Up: Perfect White-Maker

PERFECT WHITE-MAKER: Shoelada White Touch-Up is the ideal cleaner for white sneakers. It refreshes the color of smooth white leather shoes and leaves the leather with a nice satin look after application.

WHITENING FOR YOUR SHOES: Sometimes, cleaning your white sneakers isn't enough. With Shoelada White Touch-Up, you can restore an intense, radiant white.

NOURISHES & PROTECTS THE LEATHER: This product not only whitens but also protects the leather, keeping your sneakers in top condition.

SNEAKER CARE: It's the perfect addition to any sneaker cleaning kit for maintaining your white shoes.


  1. Prepare: Clean the shoes thoroughly before use with Shoelada Cleaner.
  2. Shake: Shake the bottle well.
  3. Apply: Press the sponge lightly and apply the product evenly over the shoes.
  4. Dry: Allow the shoes to dry completely.
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