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Who is Miguel Solorio?

Miguel Solorio, better known as The Shoe Doc on TikTok, is a footwear restoration expert who has captured the hearts of shoe enthusiasts with his miraculous shoe transformations. Through his engaging content, Miguel demonstrates his skill in bringing even the most worn-out sneakers back to life. His passion for sneakers and commitment to restoration have made him a celebrated figure in the sneaker community.

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  • With Shoelada Cleaner & Conditioner you can start with the dirtiest kicks.

  • Clean and condition your kicks with a scrub from our soft or hard bristle brush and Shoelada Cleaner & Conditioner!

  • Scrub, renew, and rinse away for jaw-dropping results!

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Why Choose ShoeLada?

Deep Cleaning Power:

ShoeLada’s rich, thick foam covers your shoes completely, ensuring no spot is missed. The foam works deep into the fabric and materials, making it effective against even the toughest stains.

Safe on Various Materials

Whether you're treating delicate suede, rugged leather, or casual canvas, ShoeLada is safe and effective across a wide range of shoe types.

Easy to Use

Forget the hassle of scrubbing and soaking. With ShoeLada, a few sprays and a gentle brush are all you need to see your shoes return to their former glory.

Quick and Convenient

Our formula is designed for efficiency, allowing you to clean your shoes quickly and get on with your day. Perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle!