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Step Into the Foam Zone with SHOELADA Foam Cleaner & Conditioner!

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience – Feel the thrill as the rich foam of SHOELADA encapsulates your footwear in cleanliness and care! This premium Foam Cleaner & Conditioner is meticulously designed to be safe for all colors and materials. By conditioning the materials, SHOELADA ensures your shoes not only look great but last longer. Maintain the integrity of your leather and prevent cracking with regular use—daily cleaning yields the best results!

Why Two Brushes? Each Has Its Purpose:

  • Almond Nylon Brush (Soft): Ideal for sensitive materials, this soft brush gently cleans without damaging surfaces like knitted, canvas, suede leather, and mesh.
  • Black Bristle Brush (Stiff): Designed for tougher jobs, this stiff brush effectively removes stubborn dirt from soles, midsoles, and other hard-to-clean areas.

What’s Included in Your SHOELADA Kit?

  • One Bottle of SHOELADA Foam Cleaner: A single bottle to start your journey to cleaner, longer-lasting shoes.
  • One Almond Nylon Brush (Soft Brush): Tailored for delicate textures and upper materials.
  • One Black Bristle Brush (Stiff Brush): Best for scrubbing resilient dirt and maintaining the tough parts of your shoes.


  • Comprehensive Care: Cleans and conditions, promoting longevity and beauty in your footwear.
  • Versatility: Effective on various materials, ensuring your entire shoe collection benefits.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to apply, quick to clean, and leaves no residue behind.

Dive into the foam zone with SHOELADA Foam Cleaner & Conditioner. Your shoes deserve this level of care—make every clean a satisfying experience!

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